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Our Culture

Over the years, we have built a culture that recognizes and appreciates innovation and creativity.


F – Fulfill the potential of our suppliers and customers
A – Aspire to excellence
M – Mission and Vision driven
I – Integrity and inclusiveness are our hallmarks
L – Leadership in everything we do
Y – You are critical to our success

Diversity & Inclusion

As we continue to grow, our diversity and inclusion efforts are paramount to our future. Our mission is to build a wholly inclusive and diverse culture that ensures each member of the Magnum Ventures community is respected, engaged, and motivated to grow professionally and personally.

Our Diversity Pillars

  • Our People – Create succession planning, mentoring and leadership opportunities

  • Marketplace Impact – Align with suppliers and customers to reinforce multicultural business development

  • Community Partnerships – Drive employment branding, community support, and brand recognition

  • Communications – Maintain an effective communication strategy and highlight our successes

  • Professional Development – Provide avenues to enhance the careers of our employees


Cheers To Diversity

At Magnum Ventures, our employees have the opportunity to promote a culture of inclusion through employee engagement, professional development, career growth, peer mentoring, and other actions that align with our company’s Mission, Vision, and Values.

“C.H.E.E.R.S. To Diversity” is the national umbrella that drives this important company. C.H.E.E.R.S. stands for Connecting, Hard-Working, Empowering, Educating, Respecting, and Serving.

Our Brands

The Products You Want. The Service You Deserve

At Magnum Ventures we are determined to be the market leader focusing on customer needs, offering the best Beverages – Wines & Spirits to the satisfaction of our customer segments from Supermarket Chains, Hospitality Industries, Wholesalers & Retailers and individuals, supported by our motivated workforce, striving for consistent growth and contributing to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy

Magnum Ventures Limited is committed to establishing, maintaining and improving a quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015.

We shall procure, produce, package, warehouse, distribute, market and sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that meet quality standards; are safe products, affordable and available at all times to meet customer demands. Customer satisfaction shall be the measure of our performance.

To achieve this, we shall pursue the following quality objectives:

  • We commit to continually review our Quality Policy and the entire Quality Management System for improvement

  • We shall endeavour to comply with relevant legal, regulatory and other requirements.

  • We shall continually establish mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

  • We shall strive to create maximum value for the shareholders/investors by ensuring efficient and effective operations, cost controls, waste reduction and optimum utilization of company resources.

  • We shall develop motivate and empower our employees through training, recognition and enhancing the culture of teamwork.

  • We shall set functional quality objectives and implement a result based performance management system to enable measurement and reward of excellent performance.

  • We will implement a system which will ensure a cleaner and safe work environment for our employees and the community.

  • We will create and promote an effective customer feedback mechanism that enhances prompt response and closure. We shall carry out periodic business risk assessments and subsequent mitigations.

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